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How to identify the difference between past, present, future in Arabic ?

ex. فتح (open) for past/present/future (i am,he/she,you/us) is there any difference to write?

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    Of course, it differs.
    Verb فتح conjugations:
    In past:
    I opened=أنا فتحت
    He opened=هو فتح
    She opened=هي فتحت
    You opened=أنت فتحت
    We opened=نحن فتحنا
    They opened=هم فتحوا
    They opened (to refer to females only)=هن فتحن

    In present:
    I open=أنا أفتح
    He opens=هو يفتح
    She opens=هي تفتح
    You open=أنت تفتح
    We open=نحن نفتح
    They open=هم يفتحون
    They open (to refer to females only)=هن يفتحن

    To conjugate the verb in future, just add the letter س or the word سوف to the verb in present.
    I will open=أنا سأفتح
    He will open=هو سيفتح
    She will open=هي ستفتح
    You will open=أنت ستفتح
    We will open=نحن سنفتح
    They will open=هم سيفتحون
    They will open (to refer to females only)=هن سيفتحن

    Hope this helps.

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