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Egyptian arabic:What is the difference between:يكلم & يتكلم ? Can you give examples?

What is the difference between:
and can you give some (simple) examples of each so I can understand when to use them?

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    Answer by "Hatem El-Nagar" is in standard Arabic. I suppose you're learning Egyptian dialect, right?
    So, I'll explain usages and pronunciations in Egyptian dialect.

    يكلم pronounced as "yekalem" mean "talk to"
    بيكلم صاحبه
    =beikalem sa7bo
    =He's talking to his friend

    يتكلم pronounced as "yetkalem" means "talk".
    هو بيتكلم
    =howa beitkalem
    =He's talking

    If you added عن it means "about".
    For example:
    هو بيتكلم عن صاحبه
    =howa beitaklem 3n sa7bo
    =He's talking about his friend

    If you added مع it means "with".
    For example:
    هو بيتكلم مع صاحبه
    =howa beitkalem m3a sa7bo
    =He's talking with his friend

    Note: If you saw يكلم is used instead of يتكلم , for example:
    هو بيكلم عن صاحبه
    =howa beikkalem (not beikalem) 3n sa7bo. (pronunciation is a bit different, we use it in speaking more than writing)
    =He's talking about his friend.

    And of course, you can conjugate both verbs with other subjects.

    Hope this helps.

    مساء الخير
    يكلم شخص او اشخاص
    مثال: أحمد يكلم أخيه
    يتكلم عن موضوع او عن نفسه او مع الناس
    مثال: أحمد لا يحب أن يتكلم عن نفسه
    أحمد يتكلم عن التلوث
    يتكلم أحمد مع أخته

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