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when to use/not use "desu"

is the "desu" important ? do we have to include it in every sentence or after the giving name ?
or when to use it? , and how ?
can we cut it off or it will change the meaning?

can anyone explain "desu" for me in brief words ?


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    Try this:

    it's the equivalent to is/are.
    My name is Kevin-Watashi no onamae wa kevin desu 私のお名前はケビンです。
    That is a cat. Sore wa neko desu. それは猫です。

    not to be mixed up with aru/iru (there is)
    he is there right now.
    Ima asoko ni kare wa iru. 今あそこに彼はいる

    cutting it off, i think, is usually used for casual talk. The casual version of -desu is -da
    I hoped this helped in some way

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