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Are these sentences ok?


Keep the house aired when I'm gone. or Keep the house aired when I'm away.

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    I think a native English speaker could guess what was being implied, but it might be the first time they ever heard the idea put that way.

    Perhaps "Please regularly air out the house when I'm away" or "Please keep the house nice and airy while I'm away" would sound more natural?


    Either sentence would be fine, however,
    "Keep the house aired" Sounds a bit awkward. If you mean the keep the air moving throughout the house, you could maybe say...
    "Keep the house aired out..." instead.


    I think you might be trying to say "keep the house well aerated while I am away."

    In general, people close and lock all windows and doors while away. This tends to make the house stuffy. If you want your "house-sitter" (or anyone else who drops by to look out after your house) while you are away to keep air circulation through your house, you can say "please open the windows from time to time to keep the house well aerated."

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