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Why do you like italki? Do you think is it good to improve my english?

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    Because you can find partners to improve your Engish.And you read that people wrote.In this way you can improve your vocabulary and grammar.


    Hi Mila, I really like Italki!! It`s a great opportunity to improve your writing and speaking skills in a foreign language.
    You can book professional teachers or you only meet people who have the same desire "learning another language".
    I have been on Italki since January and I can say I have met a lot of great teachers and in addition I could also make friends here, who I meet on Skype and who I don`t want to miss. In this 9 month I have learnt so much and I could get more self confidence in my speaking and writing skills. It is perfect that I can book sessions when I have enough time. That is better than a boring, official course in an evening class.The possibility to get individual lessons is absolutely great.You can discuss and learn about themes where you are interested in. So enjoy and have fun....

    It's a good way to improve my English skills. Also, it's fun, because here I can meet new people from another countries and I think it's an awesome experience and a big chance for us to learn any language we want.

    I like Italki because I can meet many new friends while studying languages.
    It seems good for most languages, especially English.

    i'm using itaki because Yahoo Answers started degrading

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