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what is the common used writing in Japanese ? Hiragana, katakana or kanji?

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    All of them! ><

    It's true...all of them are important. However, when you want to start learning the writing systems, it is best to learn them one by one. The best approach is to learn the Hiragana first. After you've almost mastered all of the Hiragana characters, then start learning Katakana. After Katakana, you must learn Kanji. This way you will be able to read and write Japanese texts very easily in the future. Also, you will notice that sometimes some of the Kanji character contains Hiragana or Katakana characters- in that case having the Hiraganas and Karakanas learnt beforehand will be very helpful!
    Hope my answer was helpful too! ^_^


    we use all. But kanji is most difficult.So, elementary school students learn "Hiragana" first. Hiragana is easy Japanese letters. After that, they learn Katakana, Kanji. Katakana use for foreign contries, name, products and so on. We are Japanese. But even native speaker, we have to learn Japanese everyday. Because words are quickly change and make new words by social. so, please you also continue to study Japanese!

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