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    I like this better;

    Kyo kun, don't worry! Just take your time and try to enjoy learning. I know learning foreign language, especially Japanese is tough! You may think it's funny, but I even use my Japanese dictionary when I write something formal letters.

    It depends on your dream. But first, why don't you find which skill you want to improve the most? Speaking, listening, reading or writing skill? For speaking and listening, Japanese TV show helps you. I think you can watch ARASHI. Sakusai is polite and friendly, and he speaks good Japanese. How about copying him? Please try not to copy anyone with heavy make up and in rude clothes. They speak dirty Japanese and mislead you.

    For writing, short sentences would help you. Please don't forget to write the subject when you start. As you know, Japanese is often omit the subject. But for us, to understand what foreigners try to say. We need the subject, even これ,それ,あれ. Then we can know what you're talking about in Japanese.

    This is one of our culture, I think you already mentioned but let me tell you because I sometimes see Japanese speaking Chinese quarreling at the airport or restaurant. Japanese believe we shouldn't always express any negative words and our desire directly. In our communication, to say "no", we use "I'm not good at ...", "It would be difficult...." , "I'm afraid ...." and so on. This may confuse you but please get over with your receptivity. It's said the more expressions for "no" you have, the more sophisticated you must be here in Japan.

    Anyway, cheer you up. And come to Tokyo as a Japanese speaker in 2020! We can't wait!

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