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french question

who can tell me, in the sentences"je m' appelle Thomas" and " il s' appelle Thomas"
the" m' " and " s'" 's original word is ?


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    m'=me s'=se are reflexive pronoun

    Pronominal verbs are verbs that need a reflexive pronoun in addition to a subject pronoun, because the subject(s) performing the action of the verb are the same as the object(s) being acted upon.

    Nous nous habillons. We're getting dressed (dressing ourselves).
    Tu te baignes. You're taking a bath (bathing yourself).

    There are two steps in conjugating pronominal verbs. First, take the reflexive pronoun se, change it to agree with the subject of the verb, and place it directly in front of the verb. Then, as with all verbs, conjugate the infinitive according to whether it's an -er, -ir, -re, or irregular verb.

    Elle se brosse les dents. She's brushing her teeth.
    Vous vous levez tard. You get up late.

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