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1.are these two expressions are slang in chinese?



do they have the meaning of the english slang "sucker"? (one who let anyone to use him and do whatever they want with him).if not, is there any chinese slang for this word?

2. how it is said in chinese : give someone credit.

for example: someone acts very i may say: he acts very foolishly but i am willing to give him a credit maybe he didn't know the rules.

thank you!

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    "软柿子" means weakness person. For example:

    As a Chinese, I have never heard of "吮吸者".

    We do have the expression of "软柿子".
    When we call someone "软柿子". It means this person is in a weak position and others like to bully him.
    For example: 别欺负我,我可不是什么软柿子。

    As for sucker, sorry I can't find a slang for it. Simply we would say "容易上当的笨蛋" or "笨蛋" for this kind of person.

    give someone credit
    I am not sure if you mean forgive someone. Cause credit has many meanings. And if you mean forgive him this time or .go easy on him. You can say "放他一马".

    软柿子 someon who is too mild to gives other person bullying him.
    sucker in chinese you can use "笨蛋"
    give somebody credit "放你一马“

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