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Using 대로

I am a little confused when it comes to 대로 it means main street but is there also another meaning, like grammar?

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    This roughly means something like "just as" or "in accordance with"

    요리책에 써 있는 대로 했더니
    I made is according to my cookbook

    예상대로 우리 팀이 이겼어요.
    Just as expected, our team won.

    Here's a Talk to Me in Korean lesson on it.

    There are several meanings in it,
    1. as a noun, "대로" means "main street" as you said,
    2. as a linker, "as" meaning, "-ㄴ대로",
    e.g. 집에 도착하는 대로 전화해.
    = Call me as you get home.
    3. as an adverb, "in the same way",


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