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Can anyone translate "Le travail c'est la sante" by Henri Salvador, please?

Le travail, c'est la santé
Rien faire, c'est la conserver
Les prisonniers du boulot
Ne font pas de vieux os!

Ces gens qui courent au grands galop
En auto, métro ou vélo
Vont-ils voir un film rigolo?
Mais non, ils vont à leur boulot

Ils bossent onze mois pour les vacances
Et sont crevés quand elles commencent
Un mois plus tard ils sont costauds
Mais faut reprendre le boulot!

Dire qu'il y'a des gens en pagaille
Qui cour'nt sans cesse après l'travail
Moi le travail me court après
Il n'est pas près d'me rattraper!

Maint'nant dans le plus p'tit village
Les gens travaill'nt comm' des sauvages
Pour se payer tout le confort
Quand ils en ont ben ils sont morts!

Hommes d'affaires et meneurs de foules
Travaillent à en perdre la boule
Et meurent d'une maladie de coeur
C'est très rare chez les pétanqeurs!

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    Ok, I didn't translate it word by word cause it would be awfull then. (for that you can put it on google trad)
    I tried to be as faithfull as well as melodious as possible.
    It might remains some english mistakes.

    Work and you will be healthy.
    Do nothing you’ll keep your health.
    The ones who are addict to it
    Wont make old bones belive it.

    Are those who run like mad
    By car, by subway or riding their bike
    Going to see a comic movie?
    Of course they don’t! They’re going to their duty!


    They work eleven months for holidays
    And are exhausted when it’s finally the day
    One month later they are stronger
    But must return to the work they did sooner.


    Can you believe that so much people
    Are obsessed to work and work
    For my part work is running after me
    But it wont soon perform to catch me


    Now even in the smallest villages
    People work like savages
    In order to get a lot of wealth
    When it’s done they have met death


    Business travellers and crowd leaders
    Work sufficiently to become nutters
    Then die out from a heart failure
    Uncommon disease for a bowl player

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