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which is the difference between يحب و يهوى

مرجنا بكم
هل يمكنكم أن ثقلوني ما الفرق بين الكلمتان يحب ويهوى؟؟
شكرا جزيلا

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    the word "يحب" give exactly the meaning of "like" or "love".

    أنا أحب أبي = i love my father
    هو يحب الرسم = he likes drawing
    أخي يحب الشوكولا = my brother love chocolate

    the verb "يهوى" refer nearly to the same meaning but with more passion or it's said when you really enjoy doing sth or it's your hobby

    أنا أهوي القراءة = i love reading (it's my hobby)
    هو يهوي الرسم= He loves drawing (it's his hobby)

    "يهوي + شخص" adore him/her or love him/her a lot
    أهوي أمي = i adore mum / i love mum too much

    Hope that helped :)

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