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How would I translate the following words to Chinese - thought, spirit, soul , body, live (to live life). and are these ones correct: Peace (和平), laugh (笑), fath (中心) smile (完), thank you!!!

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    Translating some of these words isn't as straight-forward as you might think. Language is the medium through which culture is conveyed, and due to this, I've found that one of the hardest things about learning Chinese is changing the way you think. For example, in Eastern Asia the concepts of "spirit", "soul" and "thought" aren't exactly the same as our Western idea of these things (due to religion, cultural differences etc), so they often overlap. That's why, when you look in the dictionary, you often see 6 or 7 different variations for each of these words. You need to gain an intuitive feeling for each of the Chinese variations before you can tell which word is most suitable for each given context. It takes time.

    Here are my suggestions to help you build up an understanding of the nuances between them:
    思想 is thought, thinking, idea
    精神 is mind, spirit (as in mind, body and spirit)
    心灵 is internal spirit, soul, psyche
    灵魂 is spirit, soul, ghost
    身体 is body, health
    生活 is life
    活着 is alive, living, to live
    Peace and laugh are correct.
    信念 is faith, 中心 means centre or core (even as in like a shopping centre).
    微笑 is smile, 完 means whole or complete.

    Good luck!

    thought, = 思维
    spirit, = 精神
    soul , = 灵魂
    body, = 身
    live (to live life). = 住 / 活

    Peace (和平), -- yes
    laugh (笑), -- yes
    fath (中心) -- ??? what's "fath"?
    smile (完) -- no, it's 笑容

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