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the word "blink"

So for now, the factions wait to see which side blinks first. Until then, the federal government remains shut down until further notice.
What is "which side blinks first"? And what is "further notice"?

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    In a staring contest, if you are staring at another person, and that person is staring back, the one who blinks first is the loser. Figuratively both factions are in a staring contest and they are waiting to see who blinks, or backs down first.


    Here "blink" means to give in or back down and let the other side win. The first to "blink" loses, while the side to maintain their position wins. So they're waiting to see if the republicans or democrats will back down from their position first.

    "Until further notice" means that the situation won't change until an announcement is made. So this means the government won't open until an announcement is made -- specifically, the announcement that one of the two sides decides they are willing to compromise.

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