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A question to all of my fellow Arab tutors. To ask your father if he has candy would it be fine to just stick with 3ndak or should I say 3ndaka. How about to your mom? Should I stick with 3ndaki or is 3ndak fine as well? The original sentence is this..

Baba 3endak 7alawa?

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    It's okay if you say "3endak" to your father (or male), both ways are correct "3endak" or "3endaka"
    To a female it's more "3endaki" ("3endak" would sound like you're talking to a guy), you can also say "3endik" to a female but this is not modern standard arabic, it's more dialect way

    you can say to your father 3endak and your mother 3endaki, However in Egypt in the spoken language we say to the father m3ak and to the mother m3aki

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