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Can someone help me in understanding the following sentence?

Can someone help me in understanding the following sentence:

Kochira no shouhin de okyakusama no konpyuuta wa monosugouku hayaku narimasu!

I understand the whole sentence except for the part "Kochira no shouhin de". First of all, how would you translate "kochira no shouhin". I thought of "the product of here" (literally), which is better to translate as "this product". Furthermore, I don't get the use of "de" over here.

"At this product, the computer of the customer becomes super fast."

What I can make out of this sentence is "By using this product, ....", but I don't see why you would translate it like that. Is this the standard way of talking in Japanese. Please keep in mind that I don't know any Kanji yet when answering the question. Thanks in advance :D.

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    The "de"(で) particle is one of the most useful in Japanese. In the beginning, it's often taught as a "location indicator". However, "de" is mainly used to indicate something that helps something get done. Best translated universally as "by means of".


    "pen de tegami wo kakimashita"
    I wrote this letter (with / by means of) a pen.

    "kuruma de bosuton ni ikimasu"
    I'm going to Boston by (means of) car.

    "toshokan de nihongo benkyou shimashita"
    I studied Japanese (in / by means of) the library.

    So yes, the sentence means: "With this product, the customer's computer becomes super fast!"

    Hope this helped! Ganbatte ne!

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