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What is the different beetwen awful, wonderful, and awesome?


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    There is a huge difference between awful and wonderful.
    Awful is something bad. For example if you are feeling very sick you could say "I have an awful flu."
    Wonderful is something really good. For example, you get 100% on your test. THAT is wonderful.
    Awesome can also be something good, or it can be something cool. For example, " He is an awesome friend".


    AngOst is correct, but I just wanted to add an additional point (this might be the reason you included "awful" in your list).
    "Awfully" is an adverb that means "quite" or "extremely."
    I am awfully tired right now --> I am extremely tired right now.
    He play the piano awfully well --> He plays the piano quite well.
    In this case, it can describe both positive and negative words.

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