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Are these implications correct to say ?

What would I say if I'd like to make an implicit information to someone that I'm going to resign?
Could I say ''I'm no longer work here'' ?

And what would I say if someone is calling on the phone and looking for someone that has already resigned?
Could I say ''He/she is no longer works here'' ?

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#correction for the 2nd : ''He/she no longer works here''

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    You can definitely say "I no longer work here" and "he/she no longer works here."

    However, I'm not quite sure what you mean by "making an implicit information." I guess you mean that you wish to "hint" that you will resign soon? If that is the case (i.e., you want to "HINT"), then saying "I no longer work here" is not a hint. It is a direct statement. You hint by making an indirect statement, such as "I am not sure I will be here next week." This statement could be interpreted in many ways (e.g., "I am going on a vacation next week," or "I am going on a business trip next week," or "I'm taking a leave of absence," etc., etc.), so it can be considered a hint that you may be resigning.


    Your second example is perfect. When receiving a call for someone who no longer works there, you can say 'I'm sorry, he/she no longer works here'

    If you are intending to resign, this expression is not formal enough, it does not include any intent, or is not expressive enough for such a statement.

    Formal (written): To whom it may concern, I hereby tender my resignation
    Informal (written): I'm afraid I must resign my position at this company

    Spoken: I'm afraid I must resign / I intend to resign today / i will offer my resignation today

    Note that in most western companies, a formal resignation must be offered in writing. therefore Verbal notice is just telling your boss that you intend to provide a written resignation.

    If you meet someone after your resignation, you can say 'I have resigned today'. However, it would be impolite to discuss this matter with other employees until your employer has accepted your resignation.

    If you meet a person after your employment has finished, it is perfectly fine to say 'I no longer work there'

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