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plz tell me when can I use the 开and when can I use the 开张?the differences between those.

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    开张follows a supermarket a business or something,while 开 follows somebody.

    make sentences and i will tell you which of them are correct

    normally there are two meanigs in   开张 kāizhāng
      1. [new shop or supermarket or company begin doing business;make a start;open a business]

      酒店明天开张。(means the hotel will be open tomorrow, it is a new hotel.)
      2. [the first transaction of a day's business]∶商店等一天中的第一次成交
      我的商店今天还没有开张 。(means the shop is not new,just haven't make money yet.
    开 has lots of meanings . the most normal one means you open some thing which is closed before.. so it follows by things. 开门,开灯,开窗,开车,等等。I hope this can help.

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