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What is the meaning of 了?

I always see 了 in different sentences such as:


Do了 here has the same meaning and usage or not? Thanks in advance!

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    好 久 不 见 了 = Haven't seen you for a while.
    我 二三 岁 了。 = I'm two or three years old.
    你 懂了 吗? = Did you get it?

    just specifies the action has happened
    fact as a part of past

    了 has different meanings in Chinese as well as its' tones.
    at here, the exmples you gave have the same meanings. it just the helping word in sentence to form different sentence tone.

    It is used to represent the perfect tense,similar to "already".

    Example:I've already finished it =我已经做完了

    use it as a sentence filler.

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