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" used to "

I'd like to ask about the verb " used to "

First of All .. is " used to " in this form in the past tense?

what should be written in these statements :

I am used to " drink / drinking " ........etc

I used to " wear / wearing " ............etc

it would be nice if there were more information about " used to "

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    I am used to is present tense. It means to always be doing something. For example I am used to see singing because I always sing.

    I used to is the past tense. So it means something you did repeatedly in the past. For example I used to go to a preschool called saint victoria.

    I am used to drinking or I am used to you. (Be used to = something that is familiar to you or easy for you).

    I used to chat with you, now I am busy. (Used to = past habit occured in the past but in the present , it stops or no longer to do).


    These are two different pieces of grammar, so be careful not to confuse them.

    "I am used to..." means that something is normal or familiar to you now, but it wasn't in the past. The verb here is "to be" (am), and you can use this in any tense. A noun needs to follow, which means if it's an action, then you need the gerund form.

    "I am used to drinking..."

    "I used to..." means a past habit that you don't do anymore. The verb here is "used", and you can only use this in the past. A verb follows this pattern.

    "I used to wear..."

    I used to = something you did before, but don't do any more.
    ex: I used to go to school in Brighton.

    I am used to = you have a habit, you are accestomed to smth now
    ex: I'm used to drinking so seven bottles of beer is just a snack for me.

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