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any better way to say it? is this understandable?

Now, China becomes one of the largest jewelry consumption countries and It needs an international jewelry and raw jade exchange and purchasing platform.

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    It is easy to understand, but it does not sound natural. You have used 'and' three times, but generally, it should not be used more than once in a sentence.

    To make it easier, I would add some some 'cause' to this statement. As you have put it, it is just a series of facts linked by conjuctions. This is pretty awkward. Usually if you state multiple facts in a sentence, it is good to show the link betweeen them.

    In this example, I would say the following:

    As China has become on of the largest consumers of Jewelry, it now needs a platform for the exchange and purchasing of Jewelry and raw Jade.


    Today China has become one of the largest consumers of jewelry in the world, and it needs an international exchange platform for jewelry and raw jade.

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