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Are they talking in Spanish? Is this normal talking speed?


So these 2 channels pop up a lot whenever I am on YouTube. I will be talking about them in my upcoming Spanish learning diary. So to avoid making myself a fool, I want to double check with you whether they are speaking Spanish or not :D

Channel 1:
Her videos have no subtitles (T_T) She talks super fast... Spanish?

Channel 2:
I can watch some of his videos (some have subtitles!!! :D) Spanish?

Are they talking in normal speed? Spanish always sounds so fast to me... but these two appear to be a lot faster, especially Hola Soy German.

Thank you in advance :]

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    Hi Amy,

    Yes, for a foreigner they talk fast, clear!

    They're Latin American and they also talk as in a funny tone, as a joke, and then some things are hard to understand even for a Spanish person.

    Hope this helps, Amy.

    Hello! yes, it is spanish but I think they speak a little bit more faster than the average but I think that's how they normally talk hahaha German is from Chile and Yuya is from Mexico so they have different accents. If you are looking for spanish channels you could check out her

    she is from Mexico and is a vlogger too (she pretty much talks about random life things and do sections like book reviews, she says "holaAaA" in high pitch but is like her own inside joke or trademark haha she normally don't speak like that so don't freak out), and I feel she speaks in a nice speed. If you are looking for channels with spanish from Spain I know a few ones but they are mostly beauty related and not so much vlogs.

    HolaSoyGerman speaks faster than Yuya, Don't worry, sometimes we dont understand each other because our accents and the talking speed is different.

    I recomend you miranda
    she speaks very slow.
    you could also check out Werevertumorro
    he Is the most famous/important blogger in Mexico


    Yuya sounds like a chipmunk. How can you guys listen to this. I think that she is speaking a little bit faster than the average mexican and there is an eco in the video I'm watching right now. "me cortaron los ojos."

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