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Advancements that go layers deep.

1,The iPad mini display stands out in all the right ways. It has the same 1024-by-768 resolution as iPad 2 — in a size that’s significantly smaller. So everything looks incredibly crisp and sharp

what dos crisp and sharp mean?
crisp means no creases, right? sharp means clean, right?

2,Advancements that go layers deep.
The five-element camera lens built into iPad mini captures light efficiently to produce a sharper and brighter overall image.

what does [go layers deep' mean?

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    Crisp and sharp - not fuzzy and hard to read. The letters and images are clear, with well-defined edges, and with good focus.

    "layers deep" - behind every improvement, there were actually many technical advances, some of which you might not be aware of or are not that obvious.

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