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what does this mean - 'busting ...'

The more isolated Iran is the less economic competition the Guards have for their vast network of industrial enterprises, the more valuable are their sanctions-busting smuggling ports and the more isolated Iran’s people are from the very global trends that produce things like the 2009 Green Revolution.
---from nytimes


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    busting here means "getting around" or "bypassing". The use of this word gives a sense of completely destroying the sanctions.

    In this context, it is a synonym for 'disrupting'. As an action, it is often applied to disrupting undesirable activity e.g. 'The cops busted the drug cartel'. Sometimes, it is just a synonym for broken - 'my car is busted'


    Busting ....(it is a continuous form)
    Bust(it is a verb).

    1.) Ruin completely.

    2.)search without warning,make a sudden surprise attack on.
    eg:-the police bust the crack house.

    3.)separate or cause to separate abruptly.
    eg:-bust the paper.

    4.)go to pieces.
    similar=break,fall apart,wear etc..

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