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how to say I want to write letter to you in Arabic?

thank for your answer.

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Thank for all your answers,Dears
Could someone tell me why there have four absolutely answers for one question?even its different in Standard Arabic
Appreciate you all!

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    أريد أن أكتب لك خطابا بالعربية
    That's in Modern standard Arabic
    Orido an aktoba laka khitaban bil'arabiya

    عايزة أكتبلك جواب بالعربى
    That is Egyptian
    'ayza aktiblak or aktiblik gawab bil'arabi

    انا اريد كتابة خطاب لك بالعربيه
    ana a'rid ktabat khetab lak beElArabiah . ( standard Arabic , formal, FOSHA )
    انا عاوز ابعتلك رسالة بالعربى
    ana awez or 3awez abaatlak or ab3atlak resalh Be ElAraby .( Informal , Ameia )


    أريد أن أكتب لك رسالة
    Uriidu an aktuba laka risalah(tan).

    Answers are different because of the different words used. As in English, you could say:
    * I want to write you a letter.
    OR equivalently
    * I wish to write a letter for you.

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