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About saying 'bald' in German?


Is there an adjective that means 'bald' in German?

When I started looking at describing peoples appearances in German, today, the sentence shown for "I am bald" was "Ich habe eine Glatze.". Similarly, Who is bald?" was shown as " Wer hat eine Glatze?"

This makes "Glatze" a noun meaning "bald head", right?

What I am wondering is, is there an actual adjective that means "bald"? For example if I wanted to say "the dog is bald" or "the bald man over there", how would I say them?

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    Yes, Glatze = bald head

    For an actual adjective, why not use a dictionary? E.g.

    There is an adjective "kahl". It is used to describe a place where hairs or leaves etc. are missing, for example a tree or a branch without leaves (ein kahler Baum, ein kahler Ast). I think in German they don't say "ein kahler Mann", but "ein Mann mit einem kahlen Kop" (/ein Mann mit einem Kahlkopf) (a man with no hairs on the head). Similarly you can say a bald dog (ein kahler Hund).
    By the way, you can also say "a bald man" as "ein Mann mit der Glatze".

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