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when do we use abgeben in the sense of give instead of geben?

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    Sorry, I don't understand your question.
    geben = to give
    abgeben = to deliver

    "Der Schüler gibt sein Handy (beim Lehrer) ab."
    => The pupil delivers his mobile. (Mostly because he has been playing with it during the lesson. Or because it's a rule.) It's ultimate. He probably won't get it back until the lesson ends.
    If you say "Der Schüler gibt dem Lehrer sein Handy", the reason is not that clear as it is with "abgeben". Maybe the teacher asked for a mobile because he wanted to write an SMS? Maybe he's just nice ...

    "Ich habe mein Geschenk (beim Geburtstagskind) abgegeben."
    => I delivered my present (at the birthday child's place?). That sounds very impersonal as if I had just dropped by, pressed the present into the birthday child's hand (or elsewhere) and went away. Like the postman.
    "Ich habe dem Geburtstagskind mein Geschenk gegeben."
    => I gave my present to the birthday child. I did it personally (and there was more between us beside the mere delivery of a present).

    "abgeben" always refers to a duty, task or a penalty whereas "geben" is rather neutral (no duty, task or penalty). You can actually never use them as synonyms.

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