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How to say "have a good..." in Chinese?

Hello dear friends,

I've been studying Chinese for a long time but I always use 再见 when I leave. I would like to say something like "Have a good day!", "Have a good evening!" or "Have a good night!" but I'm not sure what to use. Is 晚安 ok for the last two sentences?


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    I am sorry, but you can't find the right words for Have a good day in Chinese, we just don't have this greetings. You should try to use other phrases instead of try to translate it.

    Have a good day = 祝您有個愉快的一天
    Have a good evening!" or "Have a good night! = 祝您有個美好的夜晚

    as far as English people don't greet each other with
    "Have you eaten yet?"
    this is the reason why Chinese people don't say
    "Have a good anything"
    when leave

    If you simply translate these sentences into Chinese,It will be weird.
    So you can try something like these:一路顺风(If your friend is going for a trip)
    玩的开心(just the same as Have fun )
    and so on......
    As for 晚安,it is more like sleep tight~

    Hope helpful~~

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