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what are differences between 家庭and 家人?(family)

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    家庭=family 家人=family members

    家庭 refers to the entire concept of "family," including the physical environment of the home, the people in it, and the emotional connotations about the family. On the other hand, 家人 refers only to the people in the family, and we would usually say "family members" in English for this term.

    家庭 is like "household", generally we say "大家庭"“幸福家庭”and so on。 “家人” only means your parents or brothers and sisters. It means "the members in a family". 我姐姐,哥哥爸爸妈妈都是我的家人,我有一个幸福的家庭。

    Well first of all they all mean "family" in English, but they actually have different meanings. The first "family" 家庭 means a unit of society (E.G.: They are all in my family.) But the second one actually means family members, and it is the synonym of 亲人(E.G.: They are all my family.)

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