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    In general, all these terms mean the same but vogue at different eras. 饭馆 literally means rice hall, 饭店 rice shop and 餐厅 = lunch hall. The last one is the type that more vogue than the first two traditional ones. In HK, they serve both western and Cantonese dishes or a fusion of the two. You definitely don't see swirling dragons and flying phoenixes as decor. There are two more types of restaurants. 酒店 and 酒家. In the olden days, they sell wine as the main commodity. However, nowadays from observations from I see in Chinese restaurant names, these are the fancier ones and at higher prices too!



    饭馆 = 饭店 = restaurant (separate building)
    餐厅 = restaurant (inside some building)
    宾馆 = inn


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