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So i am farely new at this. I see many people who are fluent in multiple languages. Any advice?

For learning: Spanish
Base language: English
Category: Language



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    You are just trying to learn Spanish for now? What are you using to study at the moment?

    I am not an expert, but here are a few thoughts I have. 1. It will be very hard. Always. Any language, "easy" or "hard" is going to be discouraging, difficult, unbelievably frustrating, etc. 2. You TOTALLY can do it. There are 1000 excuses out there but if you put in the work you will learn the language. 3. Avoid formal classroom learning. It is expensive, time consuming, and generally ineffective. I suggest using blogs that advocate self study as a basis on which to create your own method. I recommend and

    Also: verbs are VERY important and comprise the base of a language. Make sure that you learn those tenses and conjugations, you should put emphasis on those. and Memrise are helpful fir learning languages, use those. Another tip for learning words: ALWAYS learn nouns with their articles. There is a reason why in Spanish textbooks they write the article (articles btw are the words "the" and "a") before the noun. The reason why is because you will often find exceptions to the gender rules. Sometimes a word that looks masculine are actually feminine, and vice versa. For example: la mano (the hand), el programa, el mapa (the map) etc.


    The popular saying "practice makes perfect" applies very well to language learning. It is important to combine formal language instruction with some practice with people who actually speak the language. Try to find something that really motivates you with the other language and practice as much as possible.

    Another thing that is important to bear in mind is that nobody speaks perfectly (not even native speakers) and that the final goal is to be understood by other people. So I would encourage you to make mistakes and not be afraid of using the language,.. that's how everybody learns at the inittial stages and then you will get better everytime.


    Hola Kari.

    Pienso que la mejor forma de aprender cualquier idioma es la exposición continuada al mismo. Es decir, estar rodeado del idioma por todos lados: la televisión, la radio, la prensa, la gente, etc.

    Por eso te escribo en Español, para que vayas practicando. De entrada puedes traducir esta respuesta... jeje.

    Un Saludo.

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