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How to say "We must wait until it's time"?

How do I say this in Chinese?

Thank you!

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    我们得等时间到。。。it sort of depends on the context. Could you be more specific?


    在这个时间到来或结束之前一直持续这个等的动作或行为。 中文和英文一样也讲求语境,所以如果能将一段话写出来更容易被理解,也更容易被解释得清楚一些。

    this is the continue active or behaviour until end of the appointed times, it will be extended or changed after this time. the same with English, Chinese also need the language invironment,we could give you a answer clearly.

    待到时机成熟时。wait till the time comes

    我们必须等待时机(成熟)。 In Chinese, 'it's time' can be translated into 时机成熟。 时机 is time/chance/opportunity, 成熟 means mature. 'When the chance is mature' in Chinese means 'it's time'. hope this helps. : )

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