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Opinions of the Book. Al-arabiya baina yadaik vol.3

I started to study the vol.2 of the book "al-arabiya baina yadaik". If there's any arabic teacher or any student who know about the vol.3.. I would like to know if this book is completely designed to Islam, the vocab is just related to Islam or does the book covered many themes?? I'm not muslim, i want to have an acceptable comprenhension of MSA, before started to study a dialect, but I'm not interested in quranic or classical arabic.. so i want you to advice me if the vol.3 of these serie is suitable for me.

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    I like the methods using for learning MSA. It's not the only book related to Islam religion, but actually all Arabic is related to God's believing. That I advice you is to know them, because we usually use them in our dialy life. Therefore, it's not all Arabic, you need to check vocabulary words from different sources, because like that you make more progress in Arabic.
    Another thing to add: this book is designied to Arabs or foreign people who just convert to Islam, in that case you find some parts on it about Quran, some kind of rules in Islam which seem it's all about Islam, but just few parts on it. For me, i have been using it to know different ways for explaining to my students. Just remember, Arabic has a large vocabulary, so missing one part of it, you will always have problems with :)

    no brother,, do not under estimate bayna yadayk series, my whole foundation in arabic is based on those books and i have not even completed book 2 yet and i learnt soo much, you can find the entire book 1 and book 2 recorded on you tube in a class room when it was taught in the UK. follow the series of recordings by " Ustaad Abdul kareem " it is beneficial and u can even teach urself the book from those class recordings. , and remember many those words religious terms are used even with the arab christians and jews so its good to know. religious terminologies are deeply embedded in arabic , you cant get away from them. use the series a supplement for your learning at the very least, scholars of the language praised the series as the best books that actually get a person speaking arabic quickly rather than other books which focus on grammer and leave the person without any basic usage, but these series introduce grammer very lightly alongside what u need so u can strengthen the grammer at a latter stage when when ur general language skills are there.

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