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Are these Mandarin words interchangeable?

I am wondering if the following words can be used interchangeably, or if there are specific situations/uses for them.

1. 这么
2. 那么
3. 这样

For example, could each word be used in the following sentence:
这个饭馆有 (这么/那么/这样) 多菜。
This restaurant has so many dishes.

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    這麼 = Something present near you, you may say describe the quantity of something ( 這個飯館有這麼多菜)
    那麼 = Something present not near you, maybe something you've encountered before something else (那個飯館有那麼多菜)
    這樣 = Like this, this kind of something (花為什麼這樣紅?)
    那樣 = That kind, that sort of something (“那樣的回憶那麼足夠”)

    *All four of these words follow the same basic principle.To oversimplify, 這麼/那麼 both refer to so much of something (mostly quantitative description) but differ in location. 這樣/那樣 retain the same difference, except that they refer to the kind or sort of something (mostly qualitative description; abstract ideas usually, but not always).

    It's no difference for me to to use 这么/那么/这样 in this sentence. And I only use 这样 when I trying to act that I'm 'genteel'.

    这么 equals ‘so’ when you are trying to describe something that have approached any kind of degree or level or its characteristic( so you can say so many dishes with '这么多菜') ; equals 'like that' and 'this way'( and I don't think I need to explain this two)

    那么 can also describe the levels thing may have or use before numbers to emphasis its quantity. And it equals 'then' when you say 'If you couldn't get up now, then you'll be late.'.

    As for 这样, you can interchange every '这么' into '这样'.Besides this, every time you use 'this/these'(with its most common meaning) in English and you can also use it in Chinese.

    Last but not least, I can't use English to express things properly yet, so I hope this would be useful. And if there are anything wrong or just not the way you native speaker use it, please tell me.

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