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어떡해 and 어떻게?

I still don't get it, what is the specific difference between 어떡해 and 어떻게? How can i use it simply in daily conversation? Thank you~^^

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    I can agree with Move very well! but i have somthing to add!
    어떡해 vs 어떻게~ With 어떡해 you have your 하다 verb~ (not really but you can KIND of remeber it this way) and when you want to use this 어떻다 it is just like a congigation! so it makes things a lot easier to understand in a more simple way ! When you congigate 어떻다 you say "what to do" and as 하다 verbs are "to do" and when congigated you can always remeber that when you want to do somthing to use the 해 (하다) form ; therefore when you ask someone what was it they did you should be able to say 어떡했어? (i think maybe you would use this like in an interview with police...) but pretty much what im trying to get to with all of this 하다 to do verb thing is that when you want to say "what to do" you cna always think of 하다 and say oah 하다 is congigated as 해 so to do is 어떡해 not 어떻게 which is how! and for how.. well just memorize how i cant think of a way to distingusish that one besides memory and repition through texting

    "어떡해" is the contraction of "어떻게 해" meaning "What should I do ~", and "어떻해" simply means "How".:)

    I miss you, 어떡해~ (>I don't know what to do)
    How can I get to Korea? 한국에는 어떻게 가요?


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