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Indonesian accents?

Do people from different islands in Indonesia have a distinct accent when they speak Indonesian? If they do, what are characteristics of those accents like?

For example (in English): a general American accent pronounces a closed 'o' as 'ah' and pronounce 'r' at an end of a word.

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    Indonesian people generally a bilingual person who speaks Bahasa Indonesia and their mother language. In each region, there are several mother language which affected the pronounciation and dialects when they speak Bahasa Indonesia.

    Example, Sundanese people who live in West Java sometimes can not spell "f" perfectly and pronounce it like "p".
    Javanese people who live in East Java will have a strong accent when they pronounce "d" and "b".

    Sometimes it really hard to learn Indonesian because it also depends on the environment. And it's also hard for me to explain it too XD

    I would like to say, different city speaks different dialect in Indonesia. There is only one Bahasa Indonesia throughout the country yet we seldom speak the formal Bahasa Indonesia. We often speak our local dialect, depend on where we live.

    The javanese live in Solo speaks different javanese language from those who live in Surabaya, eventhough they are both javanese.

    And for the accent of Bahasa Indonesia, it's more into voice tone that put the difference rather than pronunciation.

    indonesia has thousands regional language, and each regional language has different dialect. caused of this, indonesian sometimes have different distinct accent according where they are from.

    for example, palembangness (vernacular of south sumatera) can not spell R perfectly and it sounds like R in british.

    i advise you to searching dialect of vernaculars on youtube. directly watching is better than my explanation, i think.

    yes of course... as Indonesia has over 600 vernaculars.
    the strongest accent that can be easily noticed is Javanese accent.
    when they are speaking in bahasa Indonesia (national language) we will easily know that they are Javanese.

    Javanese: the way they pronounce --> "d", "b","g", "y",...
    Sundanese: "e", ("f," "v", and p pronounce the same, as "p")
    Batak: the tone of voice, "e"

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