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translate in saudi dialect please not Fus-ha.

So what do you have to do is start writing. It does not has to be perfect but what ever comes to your mind just write it down. when you think you are done just tell me and then I will check it, if I find any mistakes or faults I will inform you, if not you will be considered pass. now let's start.

For learning: Arabic
Base language: English
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    طيب اللي لازم تسويه الحين هو أن تبدأ في الكتابة. مو لازم تكون الكتابة كلها صح لكن أي حاجة تجي في بالك أكتبها. اذا شفت نفسك خلصت قلي عشان اجي اصحح لك, لو جيت ولقيت أخطاء او نواقص أنا راح أقلك, واذا كان ما فيه اخطاء ولا شي انت راح تكون ناجح. يالله الحين نبدأ.

    * there are many dialects in saudi, but what i wrote is the common one.

    فقط كل ما تحتاج تعمله ان تبدا تكتب , مش لازم (لايجب ) ان تكون كويسه جدا " الكتابه " الى يجى فى دماغك (عقلك ) اكتبه . لما (عندما) تشوف (تعتقد) انك خلصت )انتهيت ) قولى (اخبرنى ) و بعدين انا هشوفها (هصححها ) لو لقيت (وجدت) اى اخطاء هقولك (ساخبرك) . لو لم تكون نجحت . الان يلا نبدأ
    how to pronounce it in Engloarab { fakat okl ma tahtag teaameloh/t3meloh an tabda' tktb , mosh lazem ( la yageb ) an takon koyesah gdan " el ktabah" ely yegy fe demaaak ( aklak/3aklak ) ekteboh . lama ( 3ndama ) tshof ( ta3taked ) enak khalast (entahit ) koly ( akhberny ) we ba3deen ana hashofha ( hasah aha) we law lakit (wagadt ) ay akhta' hakolak (sa okh berak ) law lam takon nagaht . el an yala nbda' .
    - so you can say it is in dialetc of Egypt also it will be understood in Saudi Arabian . to be more safe in learning arabic i think to speak first fosha " formal " " standard aradic " because all the Arabs will understand you , and leave the 3amia while participating also between 3miaa you will find that the Egyptian 3AMIA more understandable for all most arabs even they don't speak it we called it between the arabic accents the white accent . also you have to here some arabic letters because it doesn't have the equivalent in English LIKE ع " aain/3ain " غ " ghain / gaain " خ " khah"
    I advise you to listen to it by google translate keyboard for example each letter separated and in wards . or search in youtube about lessons in Arabic letters and listen to it .
    Really , i wish i could help .
    if you need any more help don't hesitate to contact me .
    salamo alikom .

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