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Do German DVD's have subtitles for the deaf?


When I watch German television I like to put on the subtitles in German. Like this I can also read what is being said. It helps me because I am slightly deaf. But also, when I encounter a word that I do not know, I can write it down and look it up.

Now I wanted to buy a DVD series, from a German comedy, but nowhere it says if it has these subtitles yes or no. I think often they do not have them, since I already bought a few other DVD's and about half of them do not have these subtitles for the deaf. But I only bought about four, here in the local bookshop.

Should I normally assume these DVD's have subtitles, or do they mostly have them not?

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    Many DVDs have German subtitles for the deaf. Some do not. If you can actually look at the package (that is, if you buy in the bookshop), there's often a description of audio and subtitle tracks in small print somewhere.

    You can also try to find subtitles on the internet. Many PC player programs and mediaplayers support subtitles in external files. There's a number of sites that have collections of subtitle files for download (which may or may not be legal in your country).

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