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Is there a rule for the following?

Hi there,

I hope very much that someone can help with the following.

In Italian you say;

Vado IN famacia

Vado AL supermercato

Vado AL ristorante

Vado DAL fioraio

Vado ALLA post

Vado IN drogheria

I cannot understand when to use either 'in' , 'a' or 'da' ?

Is there a rule that edplains this as I cannot work out any logical explanation for it and hope that someone will be able to give me a rule or at least explain it in some way.

I hope very much to hear from someone.



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    I think it's little hard to explain, in particular for "a" vs "in", there are no strict rules

    Let's start from the easy one: da
    you can use "da" when the complement is a person

    vada da un amico
    vada dal fioraio (the person how sells flowers)
    vado dal medico
    vado da Marco
    vada da qualche parte (I go somewhere)

    use "in" when the complement usually is a closed place like a shop, or an open space, or a country
    vado in farmacia
    vado in chiesa
    vado in ospedale (but we also say: vado all'ospedale)
    vado in Francia
    vado in campagna
    vado nel bosco
    vado in spiaggia
    vado in piscina (swimming pool)
    vado in un qualche luogo (I go somewhere)

    use "a" in other cases, also when the complement is a city, or an action
    vado a casa
    vado a Roma
    vado al ristorante
    vado al cinema
    vado al mare
    vado alla piscina
    vado a mangiare
    vado alla deriva (I'm going to astray)

    if you watch the examples you can find that in some cases we can use "in" or "a"+article, but change the meaning of the sentence

    vado in ospedale -> ok
    vado all'ospedale -> ok
    vada a ospedale -> NO
    vado in spiaggia
    vado alla spiaggia (in this case you are talking about a specific beach, for example: vado alla spiaggia privata)
    vado in piscina
    vado alla piscina comunale (town swimming pool)
    vado in chiesa
    vado alla chiesa ortodossa

    I hope this can help you
    Dal is for when you go to a person. "Dal farmacista, dal ristoratore (never heard it used), dal droghiere, dal medico"

    For the others in and al/alla can be both used.

    Vado IN / alla famacia

    Vado AL / in supermercato (in sounds more appropriate if you work there / own it)

    Vado AL / in ristorante (in sounds more appropriate if you work there / own it)

    Vado DAL fioraio (alla /in fioreria)

    Vado ALLA / in posta (all'uffico postale)

    Vado IN / alla drogheria

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