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whats the meaning of these words?

1) acyclic

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    These are all terms that relate to chemistry and pharmacology.
    1) acyclic - the "a" before cyclic denotes "absence of", therefore the term means without cycle. This usually applies to compounds or mixtures.
    2) Vistide (cidofovir) - this is an adjunctive antiretroviral medication used to treat the oppurtunistic infection CMV retinitis among patients in the latter stages of AIDS.
    3) Hepsera (adefovir) - is an antiviral used to treat chronic infections of hepatitis B.
    4) Viread (tenofovir) - is an antiretroviral medication that blocks enzymes particular to HIV and hepatitis.
    5) Phosphonates - are compounds of nonvolatile salts or acids that are soluble in water and common alcohols. Biphosphonates are found in medications used in the pharmacologic modality of osteoporosis.

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