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Hey guys when do I use 清,情 and 青?? Can you give me some examples? 行(hang2)什么意思?

Hey guys when do I use 清,情 and 青?? Can you give me some examples?


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    i guess you may be a little confused of these words just because of their similar shape and or pronunciation.

    Actually they have different in meanings.
    清:adi. unmixed; clear. e.g.: 清水(clear water),天气晴朗(The sky is clear and bright.)
    情:n. feeling; affection. e.g.: 爱情(love),亲情(affection between family members),友情(friendship)
    青:adj. a kind of color, green or blue. e.g.: 青椒(green pepper),青山(green hills)

    hope it helps

    okey you can understand by below sentences:
    清水,清澈的湖水,basic on adj.
    爱情,友情,情节,情书 , basic on n. & adj.
    青草,青色,青青的草原,basic on adj.
    do you understand?
    you can use below website for checking them
    to hope i can help you

    清 = clear
    情 = feeling
    青 = green
    行 is a part of 银行

    to your last qustion : Normally there are two different tones about 行in our daily live.

    行 háng   行 xíng  

    (行 háng )
      1. 行列:as a noun means row 罗列成行 to put something in rows.

      2.量词。meaureword:写三行汉字。to write three lines of chinese characters on a note- book

      3.某些营业所:银~。花~。商行。(banks,some place such as flower shops or car shops etc. all lie in one side or both sides, )

      行 xíng  

      1. 走:~走。步~。旅~。~踪。means walk.  
    2. 出外时用的:~装。~箧。~李。means your luggage when you go out.

      3. 从事:进~。means something is happening. 比赛正在进行中。

      4.行刺:(用武器)暗杀。means assassinate 国王被行刺了。
    The king was assassinated.

    青 adj or green 青椒: green pepper 青山绿水: green hills and blue waters 青天: blue sky 2. young 青年 youth . noun 1green grass 踏青 walk on the green grass----go for an outing in early spring. 2 young crops 看青 keep watch on the ripening crops
    清 adj 1. unmixed, clear 清水: clear water 2.quiet 享清福: live in quiet comfort 这家店铺冷冷清清,没有什么生意 : this shop is very quiet , not much business is done.
    3. distinct, clarified 查清事实 : check up on the facts 分清: make a clear distinction
    数不清: countless 说不清: hard to explain 5 pure, clean 冰清玉洁: pure and noble
    noun the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911)
    情 noun 1 feeling ,affection .sentiment 热情: enthusiasm 深情: deep feeling 抒情: express one's emotion .2. favour .kindness sensibilities. 求情:ask for a favour
    谈情说爱 talk love 一见钟情: fall in love at first sight 4. situation .circumstances.
    condition 病情: patient's condition 军情: military situation 实情: actual state of affairs.

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