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I would like to translate a quote in Japanese: "If you keep doing what you want to do you will get some chances, so never give up. Keep doing what you like"

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    There are tons of different ways to translate that, so actually there might be no wrong or right.
    I'm gonna do my best to give you a natural way of saying it.

    Romaji: Yaritai koto wo shitsutzukereba itsuka ii chansu ga kuru kamoshiremasenn kara kesshite akiramenaide ganbatte kudasai.

    Basically, it's what you said. "If you continue doing things you want to do someday a (good) chance will come along so never give up and keep doing your best!"

    As I said, this is just one of possibly 1000 ways to express what you wanted to say. But I'm pretty sure that this is a natural and friendly way to say it.
    Hope it helps.

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