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What's the purpose of 呢 over there? What if I just said "没看我忙着吗?"

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    I argue that it's correct to say "没看我忙着呢吗?". I'm not sure if it's an regional saying or not, it's often said in the north of China though. the character 呢 here has no actual meaning, it just makes the sentence present progressive, which means "I'm being busy now."
    To make a sentence present progressive, you can simply put 呢 after the object of the verb, some examples listed below;

    我吃饭呢。 I'm having a meal.
    我看电视呢。 I'm watching TV.
    我看书呢。 I'm reading a book.

    Hope this helps.

    It's incorrect to say "没看我忙着呢吗?“

    "没看我忙着吗?" is correct, and ""没看我正忙着吗?" would be better.

    You can also say "我正忙着呢!“.

    I think the '呢‘ is completely useless. Just drop it. Most mandarin speakers would say 没看我忙着吗!

    the given sentence is incorrect

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