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What do you think about Russian stereotypes?

Matryoshka, balalaika, bear and cap with ear-flaps? Do you believe that in Russia it is always cold and the snow?

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    - I think that Russians themselves created that stereotype.

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    - Most people don't even know what a balalaika is or a matryoshka. [I know I didn't before studying Russian.]
    - Last but not least, Russia is the biggest country in the world. So while It might not be cold in all places at once, there are probably places in Siberia in northern Russia where it must be really cold all the time.

    From personal experiences, I can say I have previously never heard these stereotypes until hearing it from Russians themselves. Before studying Russian the only thing I linked Russians to was a strong English accent, and Vodka. After studying Russian, everyone asked me If I thought there were bears that sit and play the balalaika while balancing a matryoshka on their heads. Which I'm sure nobody thinks like that.

    Is it not true? :)
    And where are bayan and vodka? :)

    Check this out:

    you forgot "fufaika"

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