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Would you marry someone outside of your race?

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    It doesnt matter if she belongs to another RELIGION, it doesnt matter if she isnt pretty, it doesnt matter if she isnt beautiful, it doesnt matter is she is ugly, it doesnt matter if she got no manners, it doesnt matter is she belongs to another RACE.
    All that matters is LOVE.

    PS : im in LOVE with a cute little chinese girl and hopefully i will marry her. got my fingers crossed :P
    (she is the reason im here.......heheheheeeeeeeeee :D)

    if i love him, i would.

    I will if i find her special and admire me , but in one condition she will be in my Religion.

    The question is wrong. Of course you'd marry someone with a different racial background if you're in love with that person. The question should be about attraction. "Could you be attracted to someone of a different race?" Some people have problems with that. For example, I rarely hear about white guys marrying a black girl. The difference seems smaller when it comes to asian-white marriages, perhaps because skin colors of white and asian aren't that different.

    Anyway, just an observation. The only thing I'm not attracted to is blond hair. :P So any shade of brown/black is great. :P
    yes, i would like to marry ouside my race.

    I would but then where I was born no one ever really thought much about the different colours of people's skin everyone was and is just Bahamian at the end of the day. It was only till I moved to America when I realized my country has a whole bunch of mixed marriages, black/white/asian and everything in between, and no one really cares. Its all about how deeply you feel for that person.

    Yes, why not? If that's what my heart tells me to.
    why not especailly if she is so sweet and stright. are u like that.
    y why not i agree i am 39 from egypt

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