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I understand the sentence but I don't understand what 生物 means here.
The dictionary says: living things; creature. But, this sentence is found on food, right?!
Someone explain to me, please.

Also, about using です before ので, I know that the plain form should be used before ので.
Shouldn't it be 「 生物なので、なるべく早くお召し上がりください。」?
Now I'm confused. Please teach me when to use plain and when to use polite forms before ので.


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    This 生物 is read なまもの and means "raw, fresh, green" though this word is also read せいぶつ as "living things". So it is need to be eaten soon.

    About this ですので, Since this sentence is written for consumers in very polite ways to say, the first part is also need to be written in formal way. Between friends or close people, saying なまものなので/だから、はやく食べてね/ 食べてください is good. Though it's not very bad saying 生物なので... お召し上がりください but it sounds unnatural to us because of the balance of (the politeness of) the first part of the sentence and the second one.

    I hope this was helpful.

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