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Time clauses

Hi, could you help me with these sentences? Are they right? Or what time should be in their clauses?

1) I don’t know when I will manage to do it.
2) I will call you when I’m back from the hospital.
3) Don’t count with me when you failed/will fail.

Thank you :)

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    Sentence 1) is correct, but it's not a time clause. It's a noun clause. There's a clear difference.

    Sentence 2) is correct. This has a time clause.

    Sentence 3) has a couple of errors. It should read, "Don’t count on me when you fail" or "Don’t count on me when you've failed." If you write "count with me", it literally means you both sit down and begin counting things together.

    The first two are fine, but the last one does not make sense. maybe you meant. Don't count on me..?

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