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¿Es este correcto?

"Yo necesité alguien que dibujar pero hubo nadie que podría."

Quiero decir: "I needed someone to write, but there was no one who could."

¿Es este correcto?

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    Dark, you are using two sentences that, looking from the English point of view, have a different structure in Spanish.

    The first one is:

    I need some one = Necesito a alguien.
    I need some one to work = necesito que alguien trabaje

    You can find the same in other verbs used in like manner:

    I want George to write this report now = quiero que George escriba este reporte ahora.

    She loves her cat to dance = a ella le encanta que su gato baile.

    So, in the first part, as you can see, you need to use the linking word "que" and the subjunctive form of the verb.

    As for the second sentence:

    But there was no one who could = pero no hubo nadie que pudiera.

    In English you have the option of denying a verb or a subject in the sentence, thus=

    I have no time = I don't have time

    Are exactly the same thing in meaning, but yet, they have a completely different grammatical structure. In the first one you are denying the subject "time" and the verb is positive. In the second you are denying the verb "to have" but the subject is denied. This is something you cannot do in Spanish. In Spanish we have a double negation. So this sentence in Spanish can only be:

    Yo no tengo tiempo.

    Other examples:

    She does not know anybody = she knows no one. (in the first case I am using the particle "any" that can be negative, positive or interrogative, since the verb of the sentence is negative, the meaning of "any" is also negative)

    Ella no conoce a nadie (the verb is denied and "nadie" is also negative)

    I don't have money = I have no money

    No tengo (nada de) dinero.

    I hope this helps you. feel free to contact me in case of further questions.


    Yo necesité alguien que dibujar pero hubo nadie que podría."

    Yo necesitaba a alguien que dibujara pero no hubo nadie que pudiera hacerlo.

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