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What is the difference between عاد and رجع ?

In العربية الفصحى , or any dialect, are there any differences between عاد and رجع ?

Both mean "returned". I'm curious to know if they are used differently in speech or writing.

شكرا جزيلا

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    They're the same. Both of them are standard Arabic.
    In dialects, we use رجع. (according to the dialects which I know.)

    Hope this helps.


    there is no differences between " عاد " و " رجع "

    In dialect (Slang) we don't use عاد...we use رجع pronounced as (Riga')
    In standard (Fossha) we use عاد...

    hope you get what i mean :)
    it depends on which kind of Arabic language you are learning...Standard or Slang.

    The is a tiny difference :

    verb عاد can be also used with opinions
    عاد الي صوابه = return back to the right.

    verb رجع : is always used in Egyptian dialect rather than عاد to describe (returned)

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