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What is the difference between عاد and رجع ?

In العربية الفصحى , or any dialect, are there any differences between عاد and رجع ?

Both mean "returned". I'm curious to know if they are used differently in speech or writing.

شكرا جزيلا

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    In dialect (Slang) we don't use عاد...we use رجع pronounced as (Riga')
    In standard (Fossha) we use عاد...

    hope you get what i mean :)
    it depends on which kind of Arabic language you are learning...Standard or Slang.


    They're the same. Both of them are standard Arabic.
    In dialects, we use رجع. (according to the dialects which I know.)

    Hope this helps.


    there is no differences between " عاد " و " رجع "

    The is a tiny difference :

    verb عاد can be also used with opinions
    عاد الي صوابه = return back to the right.

    verb رجع : is always used in Egyptian dialect rather than عاد to describe (returned)

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